Monday, September 15, 2014

Tomato & Cucumber Salad

Tis the season of garden abundance (well the grand finale of summer favorites). I love this salad because it combines two of my favorite garden veggies. Our whole family loves this salad. I love that it is easy and makes a stellar side dish using seasonal produce.

Tomato & Cucumber Salad

1- pint Cherry Tomatoes
2- Cucumbers
Soft Goat Cheese (or Feta if you prefer) (to taste)
2 TBS Olive Oil
2 TBS Lemon Juice
Small handful of chives and mint (optional)
Sea Salt

Combine all of the above and enjoy some summer goodness!

These proportions are a quick estimate of what I've thrown together.  I adjust it often depending on how many people will be eating this salad.  It's pretty hard to mess up so experiment and enjoy!

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