Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vegan Soft Serve Ice Cream

The sun is shining. The heat is rising. Trees and flowers are blooming. Life is good! With this warmth comes little voices asking "mom can we have ice cream?"  What can I say? They got their mama's love of ice cream! So of course I say absolutely!
This is by no means my invention but it is on our "favorites" list.  It is quick and easy and there are lots of ways to mix it up and add variety.  Not to mention, it is ice cream one can feel good about giving to their kiddos at any point in the day. Oh did I tell you, it is able to be made with one ingredient in it's simplest form? It's true! If you've never tried this your world may soon be rocked!
Vegan Soft Serve
3 frozen bananas
Toss bananas in a food processor.  Allow the food processor to do it's thing.  It may sound a little loud and rough at first but allow the processor to go for several minutes.  The bananas slowly begin to get pureed into frozen goodness.  When the chunks are all gone stop the processor.  Now you can stop right here and enjoy a banana soft serve treat. 
I like to doctor my ice cream up a bit.  Just as the bananas are starting to get pureed, I like to add 1-2 TBS Peanut Butter, and a splash of vanilla. Viola'. Peanut Butter soft serve. 

Another idea that is equally as good, if not even more delicious? Add 1-2 TBS cocoa powder.  Now you've got yourself some Peanut Butter Chocolate Soft Serve. Pretty amazing, I tell you.

Other things that could be added to the mix in the food processor are raw honey to sweeten it up a touch and help reduce the banana flavor. I also like to add a pinch of sea salt occassionaly to get that sweet and salty combo.  I've added coconut oil in batches before to have a more coconut flavored ice cream and to add a little extra fat to my girls diet. 
The options are really quite endless.  Sprinkle chocolate or carob chips on top.  Add some diced fresh or frozen fruit. Chocolate syrup drizzle is always amazing.  Imagine all the toppings at those soft serve yogurt places and invent your very own unique creation.  

Going dairy free doesn't mean giving up good tasting ice cream!

Cheers to warm weather, sunshine, spring blooms, and delcious ice cream!

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