Monday, August 22, 2011

Chocolate DIVINE Ice Cream (Vegan)


I know I've mentioned my love of ice cream before but it has become this fun little hobby of sorts.  I love playing around with making ice creams that are actually nourishing and good for me and my family.  It's quite exciting when one comes together well and my husband says "this is better than regular ice cream."  That's when I know I've got a keeper! The one I'm going to share with you today has been our favorite the last couple weeks.  We've made it more than a few times!

I will add a disclaimer here.  I haven't given this to my kiddos.  I learned the hard way that cacao doesn't work for them.  Cacao is raw chocolate.  It is full of amazing antioxidants and is considered a super food, because it is raw and unprocessed.  This is good news to those of us that love chocolate! 
Cacao has some 'energizing' qualities to it.  I made my girls a healthy, sugar free, cacao pudding one night and was so excited to give it to them.  They of course loved it.  The part I didn't love was that they were up until 2:00am!  Wide eyed and ready to go! Lesson learned the hard way.  No more cacao for my kiddos.  I've even had to be very careful when I consume cacao around my nursing times because for a while eating anything containing cacao and nursing my little one would completely ruin her nap time or create a middle of the night waking.  So that's the disclaimer. The GREAT news is that if your in need of little pick me up with out wanting to reach for the coffee or processed chocolate this could be your answer.

I usually try to share recipes that aren't to labor intensive and don't require too many kitchen gadgets.  As busy mama's it's enough trying to run after kiddos and have quality time with them.  We want to feed them healthy, wholesome foods but not have that consume us, right?  Well a lot of these ice creams honestly do turn out better with an ice cream maker.  You can always freeze them in the freezer after blending them and wait until they've frozen to eat them.  I have just found that an ice cream maker produces a much better product.  We actually were given our little ice cream maker by some friends who got 2 for their wedding.  At the time I hadn't really gotten into making ice cream yet but I thought why not, they are giving away a kitchen gadget.  Well thankfully we took it! I LOVE it.  Another set of friends had one that they kept seeing appear at a family white elephant gift exchange, and finally they realized they could actually use it.  So you never know!  Ask around. Someone may have one in the basement they are just waiting to give away.  Or I know Costco has a double (or at least they did a year ago) for a very reasonable price.  (I believe it was under $40 but don't quote me on that).  It's worth the investment if you've opted to go dairy free or you just love ice cream that can actually be good for you too.

I hope you enjoy!

Chocolate DIVINE Ice Cream

*1 can chilled coconut milk (a couple hours in fridge)
*1 frozen banana
*1/4 cup cacao (or substitute cocoa of choice)
*1 1/2 tsp vanilla
*1/2 cup coconut oil
*1/2 cup agave (or maple syrup or raw honey)
*frozen raspberries
*vegan chocolate chips (or regular if you prefer)

  • Mix Cacao, Coconut Oil, and Agave together in blender until you get a chocolate syrup like consistency.
  • Add Coconut milk, banana, vanilla.  Blend until smooth.
  • Add to ice creamer maker and process.
  • During the last 5 minutes add frozen raspberries and chocolate chips.  

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  1. I just want to eat some of your icecream off the blog! :) This looks so yummy. I love making this kind of ice cream... just have been too lazy to do so recently. Thanks for sharing!