Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creative Baby Food

It's easy to think of all the foods you can do with baby. All the beautiful veggies and fruits. Especially if your starting to introduce solids during the height of the farmers markets. How fun to be able to introduce your kiddo to fresh local food right from the get go.

There are all sorts of theories to introducing solids. When? What? How? Veggies or fruits first? Grains? Food combining? Fats? Proteins? How much? How many times a day? When to increase? So many questions! These can be challenging things to sort out but there are so many references online and with your care givers, that I'm sure you'll find a rhythm to eating that makes sense and fits in line with your family and your already established way of eating.

There are some fun ways off adding some extras to your babies food, especially once they have been on solids for a bit and are doing well. You'll still have to watch and follow that 3 day wait rule to make sure you don't have a reaction but here's a few ideas that we did.

I would blend greens (kale, spinach) with coconut milk and add that to some quinoa. Gave it a slightly sweeter taste and yet was packed full of the amazing health benefits of dark leafy greens, protein of the quinoa, and a little extra fat with the coconut milk.

If I was having a hard time getting my girls to eat a puree, I could always add some homemade applesauce. And then that puree they were resisting was gone and often they were wanting more.

Avocado is nature's perfect food. Perfect for on the go. Slice it open. Smash it up. A yummy, nutritious meal. My girls still love avocados.

I have also added coconut oil and olive oil to their food for extra fat.

Once they got a bit older, I'd sprinkle some ground flax seed in their food. Obviously not much because you don't want it to cause diarrhea. But a little flax seed has some big benefits.

So I'd invite you to get creative! Experiment. Have fun.

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