Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Popsicles. This is ALWAYS a hit in our house, and constantly requested by my 2 year old. Perfect summer day treat but my girls love them in the middle of the winter as well. They are fabulous, fabulous (did I mention fabulous) for little ones when they are teething. Something cold on their gums, and yet quite tasty and nutritious as well. Of course you need to watch real little ones so they don't get a chunk off of it that could become a choking hazard.

This is one of those crazy easy things to do. Toss some fruit (fresh or frozen) into a blender with some water, and pour it in the popsicle mold. Viola'. Delish treat. Randy and I enjoy these as well and we try to come up with creative ideas for something new and fun.

A few of our favorite combo's.

~frozen strawberries, banana, milk (whatever you use...we usually have rice milk on hand)

~frozen strawberries and blueberries, water

~frozen strawberries and coconut milk

~banana and coconut milk

~peaches and milk

~watermelon and water (a fun addition is some fresh mint)

I would like to try a few with some raw cacao, which may be more for me, but it sounds really good. I've even thrown spinach in them before just to get some extra greens into Norah's diet but I felt a little bad as she was eating her popsicle with a very green face and a weird look on her face. But really you could do just about anything with these. If you come up with something fun, please do share!

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