Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My pint sized foodies

Just a little bit about me to let you know where I'm at in this world of feeding little foodies! I have a two little girls 18 months apart. Norah is my very vibrant, independent 2 1/2 year old. She is curious about everything, and we are fully experience her wondering 'why' to anything and everything. She is my little chef in the making. She loves to make her own fresh juices, and never misses the opportunity to make a green smoothie. Her favorite part is tearing the kale leaves off the stem and of course eating the frozen blueberries instead of putting them in the smoothie. It's usually 5 blueberries for Norah and 1 in the blender. I absolutely love having her be so hands on in the kitchen. It teaches her early on about food and cooking and patience. We have a joke in our house that our kitchen is the "Slow Food Cafe." Nothing fast and out of a box.

Sydney is my sweet, fiesty, fiery, and very opinionated 1 year old. She has a voice and a thought about most everything. Determined and un-predicatable would describe her best. She loves to eat. She doesn't seem to be too picky of an eater at this point. If her big sis is eating something well she wants it too. And I don't have to worry because if we do come across something she doesn't like, well she isn't a bit shy about expressing it.

Both girls eat and ENJOY foods that to most seem abnormal for their age. I've made all their baby food and haven't shyed away from foods like kale, beets, turnips, parsnips, spinach, millet, quinoa, and goji berries. They just don't know any different yet. Ignorance is bliss is right now. They are so unaware of all the standard American foods that most kids their age eat. In fact, last year as we would stroll through the farmers market, Norah (just barely 2) could rattle off so many of the names of veggies and fruits as we walked by (often claiming she needed this or that). Adorable. I remember distinctly one day a guy with a hot dog walked by us at the market and she asked "mama what's that?" Proud mama moment right there! Ignorance is bliss for now indeed. I for am celebrating that while it lasts!

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