Saturday, August 13, 2011

Almond Butter Banana Roll-Ups

I love raw almond butter.  Raw almond butter has such a sweet delicious taste.  My girls love it too.  We use it on pancakes or french toast for breakfasts. I will occasionally add it to smoothies or ice creams or granola.  It's just that good!

Raw almond butter certainly isn't the cheapest thing to buy.  I've seen so many recipes and it seems very easy to make your own, but it's on that list of things "I think I'll get around to one day!"  We usually stock up on our favorite raw almond butter whenever we make it to a Trader Joe's.  But really any nut or seed butter will work for these easy lunches.  Find what your kiddos like.  If you haven't introduced nuts to your babe there are some fun seed butters out there.  Sunflower seed butter is one my kiddos like.

One of our favorite easy lunches is unsalted rice cakes with almond butter and homemade strawberry jam or sliced bananas.  It travels well.  It's easy.  Great lunch for those days of lounging on the beach or at the pool.  Add a side of sliced fresh veggies and you've got a pretty wholesome, easy lunch for your little one.  

These roll-ups are becoming a fan favorite at our house.  I think my husband and I enjoy them as much as the girls.

Almond Butter Banana Roll-Ups

Tortillas ( I like sprouted grain tortillas)
Almond Butter (or nut or seed butter of choice)

Spread almond butter on tortilla.  Add 1/2 banana (we also tried this with a couple roasted bananas which was divine!)  Top with some raisins (ants on a log style).  Roll up and serve.  If you have a young kiddo, a nice adaption is to roll it up and then cut it up in smaller pieces with kitchen scissors.  Yummy, easy goodness!

 My youngest loves to open it up and dissect it and eat it individually!

I hope you enjoy an incredibly simple, delicious lunch/snack!!!


  1. Love that you make health for the family so yummy..and easy, too!